The History of


formally known as

Solid Rock Pentecostal Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ, Inc.

It’s Founder: Bishop James A. Winslow, Sr. was ordained a Minister of the Gospel at the Mutual Baptist Missionary Convention and Church, Inc. in Baltimore on January 31, 1924 as recorded in the Court House of Baltimore No. 90 by the then presiding President of the organization K. Arnold.  Solid Rock Pentecostal Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ, Inc., (known as “Solid Rock”), is a Non-denomination church and its name is defined as follows:

Solid Rock: Refers to Jesus Christ as our foundation.
 Pentecostal: Refers to the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.
Church of Christ: To whom this body of people belong.
Disciples of Christ: Identifies who we are as individuals.

In 1955 Solid Rock was established at 1029 Somerset Street in Baltimore, Maryland by the late Bishop James A. Winslow, Sr.  The church later moved to 1532 N. Gay Street, Baltimore, Maryland. 

In 1975 Bishop Winslow, Sr. went to be with Lord and his wife, Mother Gloria B. Winslow, upheld the ministry.

In 1989 Bishop James A. Winslow, Jr. was ordained and installed as the Pastor of “Solid Rock” to carry forth the preaching and teaching of the Gospel of  Jesus Christ and to uphold the constitution and bylaws of the church. 

In August, 1995 Solid Rock relocated to its new and current location place of worship, 1901 Belair Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21213.
In March, 2000 “Solid Rock” purchased the parcel of land adjacent to Solid Rock/ Power House World Ministries (approx. 27,704 sq. ft.) located at 1920 Belair Road, which is currently being used for overflow parking.   And is also the home of Power House Computer Technology Lab.
In January, 2001 Pastor James A. Winslow, Jr. was consecrated to Bishop and today he presides as Bishop of “Solid Rock Pentecostal Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ”/dba Power House World Ministries.
In August, 2004 “Solid Rock” gave birth to the new ministry of  “Power House World Ministries”, and seeks to expand at its current location in order to accommodate and meet the demands of its considerable growth.  It has become one of the fastest growing churches in the Baltimore City region.